I am based in Budapest ,Hungary.....

All of the pieces here are available ro rent for films and fashion shoots etc...

I rent my objects as well as jewelry. Please contact me to visit and view my stock....

I have many stones and can make pieces to order at very short notice..

On this page you will see some of the objects but it is just a small selection of what is available...

Having been a Set Decorator / Buyer I do know the problems on time etc so I will not be phased by a call out of normal hours for goods that are required for the next day or so...

Thanks for reading my page ..I will do my best to help if I possibly can.

My cel phbone is 0630 508 5885...    

.A small general view of pieces available.

Jewelry, Sculptures, Paintings, Table-top Pieces, Cabinet Dressing and Unusual Objects. 

  Amber table top sculpture ...One of many available to buy or rent.

Carved gemstone birds on Petrified Wood base. 

Small selection from Jewelry showroom 

Ancestor Portrait 19th C..

                         Jewelry workroom wher I spend many frustrating evenings..

                                General view of goods to rent for films etc...

Carved stone figure 67cms high showing the wear of its 150 years in an Eglish garden..


General view of many modern paintings ..


                                      Large leather and Carnelian belt .

24ct gold leaf tile with Red coral studs designed by Mark Rimmell (Inspired by the roof of the 16th C.roof of the Rudacs Spa bath ,Budapest.

                                          Jewelry workroom.

                    General view of goods to rent for films etc...


Mahogany and Ebony figures of dancers on black base with Crystal chip 'pond'

Designed by Mark Rimmell based on a dance performance in Havana. 25cms x 25cms app...The figures are not fixed and can be  moved to any configuration as in a dance performance..

             Solid carved marble head of Kwan Yin .19th C. 40 cms high....

                            19th C.Ancestor Portraits .App.2ms high x 1 m wide..

 General view of Oriental figures (60cms ) and Large Crystal rock (37cms ) with general small set dressing.

 Origina 19th C .English WindsorChair.Mahogany..

                          Decorative painting 1m x 90 cms ...

                          Mahogany and leather chair Circa 1890..


Metal panels depicting Oriental armour ..app 2 ms high, 


 Terracotta figure of a Monk app.30 cms high..

 General view showing Wroght iron panel with 2 travelling candle holders19th c Used by nomadic tribes and silk traders.....


  Decorative paintings  1m high x 90 cms wide over all.

 Olil on board circa 1965 by Gerald Newman.Exhibited in my gallery in London

'The Rimmell Gallery'..St Johns Wood .

                      Oriental pictures .The lower two painted on Glass..

         ..Painted Terracotta Circa 1890 with separate  Eastern head dress.

Painted Terracotta bust without head dress.50 cms high x 50cms wide at the base .

                                             Red lacquer box in front .

Necklace .Colombian raw Emerald set in Silver with fresh water pearls                                            designed by Mark Rimmell

Red lacquer 19th c. decorated chest with original mounts.75cms wide x 40cms deep x 38 cms high.


 Petrified wood base with crystal leaves and red flower with hardstone humming bird .Designed by Mark Rimmell

 Painted slate recovered from Havana building .Mounbted on red suede .25cms x 25 cms.


One of a series of table top bird sculptures with semi precious stones ,pearls etc.. 


         Hand decorated paintings of Oriental dress 46cms x 47 cms...Signed .

                    Original Paris fashion design drawings 1920s.

           Available for sale or for rent ...(.See more on previous page)  

               For rental a black frame is included with passe partout.